Many families in developing countries, particularly here in Mauritania, tend to enthusiastically and blindly embrace modern material culture.  The physical and technological aspects of our daily lives, like food, housing, and phones, are eagerly adopted with little attention given to the attached cultural values imported with them. This beckons our attention as we witness social problems arising from conflicting, neglected, and/or unappreciated ideas, beliefs, and values.

From among these social maladies is our unmodified childrearing practices. Not too long ago, Mauritanians lived in rural areas where children spent all of their time receiving consistent, safe and loving attention from caretakers. They were raised by a village that not only preserved traditions but also re-enforced cherished beliefs and values. This is no longer the case for most of us today in urban societies.

Today, our children spend their mornings in academic institutions, afternoons in the streets, and free time attached to their devices. For most, there aren’t places for youth to go, constructive activities for them to do, nor a caretaker to care. This is especially the case for economically disadvantaged students. Idle time for children is known to foster all sorts of social and developmental challenges.

Here, at the Darul Arqam, we endeavor to fill this void and offer an after-school program that complements academic studies and provides inspiring experiences that motivate at-risk youth to succeed academically, professionally, and personally. The following are a few unmet needs that we will address:


Positive Exposure

Our mission is to introduce youth to people, places, and things that they would not normally or easily experience in their daily lives. By providing positive and unique educational experiences, we empower youth to grow hope in their future, pursue active roles in society, and stay true to their dreams and themselves.

Academic Growth

Provide opportunities for students to learn outside of traditional instructional settings to increase knowledge and develop skills through kinesthetic learning activities.


Facilitate empowerment by providing youth with exciting experiences that inspire self-awareness, positive identity development, and life goal achievement.

Religious Ed.

Offer jurisprudence classes on relevant teen-related issues with feedback sessions to ensure thorough comprehension. Hifdh and tajweed classes will ensure proper recitation and memorization.

At the Darul Arqam, we understand that many underprivileged children are not exposed to the world beyond the boundaries of their neighborhoods and schools. ASK (AfterSKool) was created to serve as a solution to this problem by providing young students, regardless of their family income, with a spacious facility and enriching resources to offer the best learning environment possible.

Participants, between the ages of 14 – 20 will participate in a three-year program. This program will provide A1-B2 English language tutoring, teach basic Microsoft Office Suite applications, computer literacy, and preventative health education related to common health issues, such as malaria, dysentery, respiratory infections and nutrition-related illnesses. Proficiency in these areas can assist youth in securing educational and financial opportunities, as well as maintaining their personal health, confidence, and well-being.

The ASK curriculum also fosters civic responsibility and service. Planned activities will include visiting residents of assisted living facilities, making special art projects for students at other schools, picking up litter, planting trees, participating in charity drives, etc. These acts of service demonstrate the joy of giving and helping others, as well as cultivating compassion, confidence and motivation to build a better world.

Community information sessions will give parents a better understanding of youth developmental stages and needs. With better insight, parents will have the practical tools to help meet the daily challenges of parenting with a greater understanding of child behavior. The sessions are a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet and interact with each other.


With your support, we’ll be able to start giving back to our ummah in a dynamic way. Your assistance will enable us to really show these youth how much their older brothers and sisters from abroad truly care for them and their future. And, of course, it is also a great da’wah opportunity for a Muslim society to receive support from Muslims in the West.  We all know the reward of building a House of Allaah here on earth, so imagine the reward of building theummah that will preserve it.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Raising awareness of the challenges facing youth in Mauritania is the first step to creating change.  To further this work, we ask for your righteous supplications and generous financial support by choosing an option below.


If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem

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We are a team of expats who have made hijrah (migration) to Mauritania. Most of us have studied here for several years in a mahdharah (traditional school). We are passionate about the concerns of the ummah and have initiated this venture as a means of ensuring a healthy and thriving future for Mauritania.  

Our founding director, Daawood ibn Wesley, is a trained TESOL instructor with nearly a decade of experience teaching youth in Nouakchott.  As a Muslim from the West, he has experienced firsthand what intentional and enriching experiences and perspectives can mean to young people. He has informally served as a mentor and guide to Mauritanian students that he has taught and seeks to expand his reach by serving a greater population of deserving youth. We pray that you will join us in further benefiting the youth of our ummah in an innovative, faith-based, and positive way.


Baarak Allaahu feekum (May Allaah bless you).

Thank you